Knapek Brass Beads Dark Red (20beads/pack)

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Knapek Brass Beads Dark Red. Brass beads are made of quality brass alloy and fit around the hook nicely. Loss of material is minimized due to the well-placed hole in the bead. Beads are very smooth with perfectly spherical shape. Round brass beads are perfect for adding weight to straight or curved hooks, whether you're tying river nymphs, lures or other patterns.


- small hole for added weight
- long lasting colours
- perfect round shape
- ideal for straight or curved hooks
- 20 pcs / package 

Pricing / Sizing:

- 2.4mm / 20 pcs / EUR 1.99
- 2.8mm / 20 pcs / EUR 2.19
- 3.3mm / 20 pcs / EUR 2.39

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