FLY SHOP Europe is a family run business based in Slovakia, Central Europe. Fly tying & fly fishing is our greatest passion. On this website you will find our fishing flies, premium fly tying materials, fly fishing gear & much more. We wish you an enjoyable shopping experience!

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  • Predator Tandem Streamer Black, pstruhový strímer

    Predator Tandem Streamer Black BARBED

    FS Europe

    Now: €4.79
    Predator Tandem Streamer Black. Great streamer for big brown trout, rainbow trout, steelhead, bass or other predatory fish you are after. Available in size 5/0, approx. 17-18 cm long. Tied
  • Weedless Mini Mouse Tan, strímer myš

    Weedless Mini Mouse Tan BARBED

    FS Europe

    Now: €2.89
    Weedless Mini Mouse Tan. A lifelike mouse / rat fly pattern will fool big trout, steelhead, bass or whatever other predatory fish you are chasing. Available in size 6, approx. 4-5 cm long...
  • Brown Dungeon Streamer - Single Hook, pstruhový strímer

    Brown Dungeon Streamer - Single Hook BARBED

    FS Europe

    Now: €4.69
    Brown Dungeon Streamer - Single Hook. One of the most popular streamer patterns for big trout. It has lead eyes for weight, deer hair / sculpin type head to create disturbance in water. Double zonker...